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Energy Sector Shipbuilding/Marine

DK-Lok manufactures products tailored to the shipbuilding and marine engine industries, which operate in environments with frequent external impacts such as seawater and high vibrations. Many marine industry professionals specify Dekalok products that have obtained international shipbuilding standards such as DNV, Llyods, GL, BV, NK, ABS, and KR.

(Shipbuilding) is a complex and meticulous process that involves the construction of various types of vessels, ranging from merchant ships to naval vessels. In this process, fittings and valves play an essential role in ensuring the functionality, safety, and efficiency of ship systems.

Modern ships are equipped with various systems, including propulsion, navigation, communication, power generation, and piping. Fittings and Valves are crucial in connecting pipelines, hoses, and cables that facilitate the transport of fluids, gases, and signals within these systems, enabling their seamless integration and operation.

In ships, fittings and valves are widely used to control the flow of various fluids such as water, oil, fuel, and chemicals. They enable the efficient operation of essential systems like propulsion, cooling, firefighting, and more. Additionally, the careful selection of fittings and valves can prevent leaks, minimize the risk of accidents, and protect both crew members and the marine environment. For example, quick-acting valves are vital for emergency shutdowns in the event of leaks or fires. Ships are exposed to corrosive saltwater, humidity, and challenging environmental conditions. Therefore, fittings and valves made from marine-grade materials like stainless steel and special alloys are essential to ensure longevity and reduce the need for maintenance.

Ships serve various purposes, from cargo transportation to research and defense. Equipment and valves customized to meet the specific requirements of ships optimize functionality, performance, and operational efficiency. Well-planned installations of components and valves enable easy inspection, replacement, and servicing, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

In the shipbuilding industry, adherence to industry standards and certifications is essential to guarantee quality, safety, and reliability. Complying with certified standards ensures that these components can withstand the rigorous demands of maritime operations.

조선/해양 분야소개

(Ship Classification) involves the evaluation and certification of the safety, reliability, and environmental compliance of ships and maritime facilities. Given that ships and marine structures operate in extreme environments, safety and sustainable operation are paramount. Classification societies adhere to international regulations and standards while assessing ship design, construction, operation, maintenance, and environmental compliance.

DK-Lok holds certifications from leading classification societies such as DNV-GL, Lloyds, BV, NK, ABS, which guarantee quality assurance and compliance with various aspects required by classification societies. These assessments cover ship safety and structural evaluation, ship system and equipment evaluation, operation and maintenance evaluation, environmental compliance assessment, certification, and rating.

DK-Lok has a track record of delivering products to major shipyards in South Korea and international customers, gaining recognition for product quality and reliability in real-world applications.

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