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“DK-Lok is committed to fostering mutual growth, sustainable development, and collaborative business practices, all aimed at making a positive impact on the world we live in.”

We Connect the World!

DK-Lok strives to 'Connect Values of the World.' We aim to foster growth, development, and mutual prosperity by connecting diverse values and creating synergies among our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, and local communities.

Management Vision Fittings & Valves Global Top3

Fittings & Valves Global Top3

DK-Lok is a manufacturer of Fittings and Valves in the field of measurement equipment and semiconductors. We produce essential components that are installed in a wide range of industrial facilities, including oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals, machinery and equipment, construction and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), shipbuilding and maritime, semiconductor and display, CNG/NGV (Compressed Natural Gas/Natural Gas Vehicles), aerospace and aviation, hydrogen and trams

Fittings & Valves Global Top3

In November 2010, we were listed on the KOSDAQ market. Since then, we have been consistently growing as an export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), achieving milestones such as receiving the $30 million Export Tower Award in 2014 and the $50 million Export Tower Award in 2022.

In 2015, we were selected as part of the World Class 300, an initiative organized by the Small and Medium Business Administration. With a network of 117 distributors spanning 47 countries worldwide, including the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, as well as North and South America and Europe, we are dedicated to actively exploring and expanding our presence in international markets.

Fittings & Valves Global Top3

We have also established local subsidiaries in USA, Italy and the UAE, and operate joint ventures in countries such as America, Russia and Nigeria, thereby expanding our global operations. With world-class technology, diverse industries and customers, global localization, and an intelligent smart factory, we are building on our core competencies. In pursuit of our corporate vision to become a global top 3 leader in Fittings & Valves, our entire team is committed to continuous efforts.

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