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Energy Sector Refining/Chemical

DK-Lok is applied in the refining and chemical fields where precise measurements of pressure, flow, and temperature are crucial. Recognized for its technological expertise, our products are exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

The refining and chemical industries play a vital role in the downstream stage of the oil and gas sector. Refining, which processes crude oil to produce various fuels and chemical substances, is central to the energy industry.

It separates and refines components within crude oil through various chemical reactions utilizing heat and pressure, resulting in a range of products including gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, and heating fuel. Additionally, refining by-products such as oil, wax, and asphalt find applications in various industries. The refining industry significantly impacts the global economy, with production volume and oil prices fluctuating according to energy demand and market conditions

The chemical industry manufactures and processes petroleum products and various chemical substances to produce a wide array of products including plastics, rubber, fibers, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and detergents. Serving as a cornerstone of modern industries, it produces essential raw materials for pharmaceuticals, electronics, construction materials, and household appliances, influencing a broad spectrum of industrial and everyday life sectors. Research and development efforts, focused on high-level technology and sustainable production methods, play a crucial role in developing new materials and products while emphasizing environmental protection.

Both industries have a significant impact on the global economy, providing sustained support to society and the economy through the production and supply of energy and chemical substances. These industries are highly technical and large-scale, addressing important issues related to safety and environmental protection.

Accurate pressure, flow, and temperature measurements are paramount in the refining and chemical industries. These measurements are essential for various aspects including process control, safety protection, ensuring product quality, and environmental management.

01 Pressure Measurement (Pressure Measurement)

  • Accurate pressure measurement is crucial in ensuring the stability and efficiency of production processes.

  • By monitoring pressure changes within processes and equipment, anomalies can be identified, and preventive measures can be taken.

  • Tracking pressure changes in boilers, refineries, and vessels optimizes operating conditions and maintains safety.

02 Flow Measurement (Flow Measurement)

  • Flow measurement is essential in managing the movement and distribution of raw materials and products.

  • Monitoring flow in production lines measures production quantity and efficiency, ensuring product quality and consistency.

  • Tracking the movement of fluids through processes involving pipelines, pumps, and valves is crucial.

03 Temperature Measurement (Temperature Measurement)

  • Temperature measurement is vital in managing chemical reactions and product quality.

  • As the rate and characteristics of chemical reactions are influenced by temperature, accurate temperature monitoring is essential in controlling product production and quality.

  • Tracking temperature changes in heat processing ensures safe and consistent production.

Given the continuous production processes in the refining and chemical industries, it is crucial for operations to proceed without interruption. Accurate measurements enable the assessment of process abnormalities, allowing the control system to flow robustly and steadily. Components such as valves, fittings, and hydraulic devices in these industries are often exposed to harsher conditions than other environments, necessitating exceptional product quality and stability.

In addition to corrosion resistance, these components must withstand factors such as vibration, pressure, and temperature fluctuations. They must meet necessary standards, ensuring the highest level of durability and accuracy. Maintaining consistent pressure to reduce downtime and prevent losses requires stable product quality in the components that make up the equipment. DekeRock's manufacturing process addresses these potential issues, contributing to the production of high-quality results by customers.

DK-Lok's products prevent the leakage of hazardous fluids, extending equipment lifespan and ultimately providing a safe working environment and cost savings. They contribute not only through various measuring equipment but also by being directly involved in stable equipment operation. With a diverse product portfolio and experienced engineers, DekeRock provides solutions to the global refining and chemical industries, earning high trust.

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