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Eco Friendly

Eco Sector Hydrogen

01 Hydrogen Mobility

  • Passenger Cars
    Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, using hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity, offer zero-emission characteristics similar to electric cars. They boast quick charging times and a substantial driving range, making them highly energy-efficient. Major manufacturers are developing and supplying these vehicles, with incentives and infrastructure expansion promoting their adoption.
  • Commercial Vehicles
    Hydrogen technology is transforming public transportation and commercial vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cell buses and trucks reduce air pollution and noise, presenting a sustainable solution for urban transportation. Many cities worldwide are already operating hydrogen buses, while hydrogen trucks are progressing towards commercialization.

02 Hydrogen Infrastructure

  • Charging Stations
    A growing network of hydrogen charging stations supports hydrogen vehicles. These stations safely store and supply hydrogen, offering convenient charging opportunities along major routes and in cities. They continue to expand and improve based on demand.
  • Power Plants
    Hydrogen power plants produce hydrogen using renewable energy sources or natural gas, emphasizing eco-friendly hydrogen production. This approach reduces greenhouse gas emissions and bolsters sustainable energy supply.
  • Carriers
    Safe storage and transportation of hydrogen are essential. High-pressure compressed and liquefied hydrogen storage and transportation systems have been developed, focusing on safety and efficiency.

03 Electrolyser Industry

  • Hydrogen electrolyzer
    This process generates hydrogen by breaking down water with electricity. The produced hydrogen can be used for energy storage and transportation, aiding the efficient storage and transmission of renewable energy. It also contributes to grid stability and regulates electricity demand and supply. The hydrogen industry offers innovative energy solutions, prioritizing sustainability and environmental protection. Ongoing research and development, infrastructure development, and policy support are essential for establishing a successful hydrogen economy.

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