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CEO Message

We have relentlessly pursued leadership in the areas of instrumentation and semiconductor Fittings & Valves.

We welcome all of you who have visited DK-Lok as we prepare for
a sustainable future through challenges and innovation.

CEO greetings

DK-Lok is committed to building innovative partnerships through differentiated technical expertise and customer satisfaction services, we export our products to over 50 countries worldwide, competing on equal footing with global leaders with our exceptional technological capabilities and unique brand.

Since our establishment in 1986, we have grown into a global fittings and valves specialist, leading the way in industries such as oil/gas, petroleum/chemical, machinery/equipment, power generation/EPC, shipbuilding/marine, semiconductor/display, CNG/NGV, aerospace/aviation, and hydrogen/tram. Currently, we are expanding our business scope to include energy, semiconductor, and aerospace industries, actively investing in research and development. We focus on enhancing our business competitiveness through technological development, patents and trademarks, quality certifications, and system implementation.

Furthermore, we are implementing state-of-the-art smart factory technologies, such as robotic arms, robotic feeders, assembly robots, and palletizing robots, to improve productivity and automate processes. We are also investing in nurturing specialized talent and intelligent manufacturing management systems to establish a foundation for sustainable growth.

Moreover, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities, such as carbon neutrality and ESG management, in line with the current trends.

As a member of the economic and industrial ecosystem, we plan to collaborate organically with various stakeholders to realize the values of coexistence and mutual prosperity. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to creating a 'sustainable future'.

We kindly ask for your continued interest and support as we strive to grow as a global company in the field of fittings and valves.

Thank you.

DK-Lok CEO Eun-Sik, Noh