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Energy Sector Oil/Gas

DK-Lok specializes in developing and manufacturing products tailored to severe weather conditions in the Offshore and Onshore industries, as well as for Oil & Gas exploration and transportation. Our products adhere to international standards such as ASME and API to ensure top-notch service for our clients.

Oil plays a vital role in various sectors, including automotive, maritime, aviation, and more, after undergoing multiple refining processes. The residue from refining is utilized in road construction, and natural gas is used for winter heating, cooking, and various industrial operations and applications. The Oil & Gas industry is a critical driver of society and the economy, securing competitive resources on the global stage

The Oil & Gas industry can be broadly categorized into three main sectors.

01 Upstream

Upstream(upstream)encompasses activities related to the exploration, development, production, and operation of production sites for oil and gas. It primarily involves discovering and extracting oil and gas resources from underground reservoirs, requiring specialized knowledge and technology.

Key activities in the Upstream sector include as below.

  • Exploration
    The exploration process involves geological surveys, geological data analysis, drilling, and other activities to determine the presence of oil and gas resources in promising areas.
  • Development
    The development is the phase in which methods and facilities for producing discovered oil and gas resources are developed. This stage involves the development of production facilities, well drilling, production plans, and more.
  • Production
    The production involves the extraction of oil and gas from underground reservoirs through well drilling. The extracted oil and gas are transported to the surface and prepared for processing and treatment.
  • Production Site Operations
    The production site operation phase includes the management, processing, and maintenance activities of the production site to handle the extracted oil and gas.

Upstream activities lay the foundation for oil and gas, requiring technical expertise and specialized knowledge in resource discovery and production. During the exploration and development phases, research and technological advancements occur in fields such as geology, geophysics, and chemical engineering. In the production phase, technologies like well drilling and operational and management skills play vital roles.

The success of upstream activities has a significant impact on the overall success of the oil and gas industry, influencing energy supply and economic development.

02 Midstream

Midstream(midstream)encompasses the intermediate stage in the oil and gas industry, starting after production at the production site and involving various processes such as refining, transportation, and storage. In this phase, the produced oil and gas are transported to different locations and processed to transform them into various products.

In the midstream phase, the following key activities take place.

  • Refining
    The refining process involves the transformation of crude oil into various types of fuels and chemicals. At refineries, crude oil is processed through decomposition, separation, and conversion processes to produce fuels, byproducts, and chemical substances.
  • Transportation
    The transportation process involves the conveyance of refined products to consumers through pipelines and various transportation means such as ships, railways, and trucks. Pipelines, in particular, are a primary means for transporting oil and gas products on a large scale.
  • Storage
    The storage process involves the storage of oil and gas products in storage facilities, allowing them to be held for future distribution to consumers based on fluctuations in supply and demand.

Midstream activities play a crucial role in processing and supplying the produced oil and gas into various forms of products. Additionally, they contribute to ensuring safety and efficiency in the refining and transportation processes, thereby maintaining a stable energy supply and addressing environmental and safety concerns.

The work in the midstream phase is interconnected with various sectors of the oil and gas industry, supporting seamless energy supply and economic development.

03 Downstream

Downstream,(downstream)the third major section in the oil and gas industry, encompasses the processing, distribution, and sale of refined products to deliver oil products to the final consumers. In the downstream phase, refined oil products are processed and provided to consumers in various forms (such as gasoline, diesel, and naphtha), leading to value addition and the production of finished products.

The downstream activities include the following key stages.

  • Processing
    The processing process involves further processing of refined oil products into various products such as fuels, chemicals, plastics, rubber, fibers, and more. This stage includes chemical processes and industrial activities.
  • Distribution
    Downstream products are transported through distribution networks to reach consumers. These products are distributed through wholesalers, retailers, gas stations, and other channels.
  • Sales
    The sales phase involves the distribution of processed products to consumers in the downstream stage. This includes products such as automotive fuels, heating fuels, household chemicals, and plastic products.
  • Customer Support
    The customer support phase ensures product quality and safety in the downstream stage by providing services and support such as maintenance, technical assistance, and compliance with environmental and safety regulations while delivering products to consumers.

The downstream phase represents the final stage in the oil and gas industry, playing a vital role in ensuring that the produced energy and products reach consumers. In this phase, it meets diverse energy and product demands of consumers, providing various products essential for economic activities and daily life. Downstream activities involve delivering the outcomes of the oil and gas industry to end-users and impact various aspects of society and the economy.

The oil and gas industry, which goes through numerous processes from extraction to the delivery of final products, is closely intertwined with the steel industry. Equipment used in drilling and production, for example, is predominantly made of steel, making these two industries mutually complementary. In environments such as open seas with waves exceeding 10 meters or deserts with temperatures surpassing 50 degrees Celsius, the assistance of steel products is indispensable for resource extraction. Well-designed plant facilities also provide the fundamental environment for us to utilize the final products.

DK-Lok Process Valves(Process Valves)are essential products for the oil and gas industry, encompassing various types such as Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, and Check Valves. These products meet the NACE STANDARD and are known for their durability. Large-diameter products are designed with cast bodies to meet customer requirements and undergo rigorous quality inspection processes before being delivered to our clients.

In the oil and gas industry, various infrastructure and equipment are required for exploration, production, processing, transportation, and other operations. These operations involve items such as pipelines, well platforms, drilling equipment, and more. DekeRock plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and reliability of oil and gas facilities by manufacturing process valves composed of pipes, flanges, valve structures, and other components.

To meet the demanding environmental conditions of high temperature and high pressure, we have focused on obtaining international standard certifications and utilizing highly durable materials. This ensures compliance with stringent environmental requirements. With a foundation of equipment reliability, we prioritize accident prevention.

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