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Eco Sector CNG/RNG/NGV

DK-Lok has completed the development of products that can be used in high-pressure environments to supply parts to gas charging stations and holds certifications related to this.

Compressed Natural Gas(CNG), Renewable Natural Gas(RNG) and Natural Gas Vehicles(NGV) are essential components of alternative fuel environments, providing cleaner and more environmentally friendly options for transportation. Ensuring the safe and efficient use of these gases in various applications is crucial.

  • CNG and RNG Infrastructure
    CNG and RNG are gaseous fuels that can replace conventional gasoline and diesel. Specialized refueling stations equipped with equipment consisting of instrumentation fittings and valves store and dispense these gases. These fittings and valves control the flow of gas, monitor pressure levels, and safely transfer fuel from dispensers to vehicle tanks.
  • NGV Fuel Systems
    NNGVs are vehicles powered by natural gas in the form of CNG or RNG. Instrumentation fittings and valves within NGV fuel systems regulate the flow of gas from fuel storage tanks to engines, controlling factors such as pressure, flow rate, and temperature. These components are essential for maintaining engine performance and ensuring fuel replenishment and safe operation during use.

CNG, RNG, and NGV applications require a high level of safety and reliability due to potential hazards associated with pressurized gases. Fittings and Valves used in these systems need to prevent leaks, withstand high pressures, and operate effectively under various temperature conditions. Measurement equipment and valves play a role in maintaining the proper pressure levels within CNG and RNG systems. Pressure regulation is crucial for the safe storage, transportation, and utilization of these gases, both at refueling stations and in vehicles.

In gas quality monitoring systems, instrumentation fittings and valves are used to ensure that CNG and RNG supplied to vehicles meet the required specifications. These components play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and purity of the fuel. Regular maintenance and inspection of measurement instrument fittings and valves are essential to prevent leaks and maintain efficiency, ensuring the safe operation of CNG, RNG, and NGV systems.

DK-Lok has received certifications for natural gas vehicle (NGV) parts and hydrogen gas vehicle (HGV) parts from a certified U.S. agency. The company has obtained NGV 3.1 and HGV 3.1 certifications for high-pressure gas products, including ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal) fittings and LOK fittings. Additionally, Dekalok has obtained ECE R110 certification for LNG fuel specifications, broadening its certification range for components used in gas-fueled equipment.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have gained attention as clean energy vehicles. According to Hyundai, the company plans to increase annual sales of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to around 500,000 units by 2030. Dekalok plans to expand its supply of fittings and valves in line with these developments.

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