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Instrumentation Pipe & Weld Fittings


  • Pipe thread 1/8 to 1 in.
  • Tube Socket Welding 1/8 to 1 in.
  • SS316, Brass and Carbon Steel
  • Thread Fittings are available 3 different ratings Standard rating, 6K, and 10K
  • Weld Fittings Tube Socket Weld Pipe Butt Weld

Brief Description

  • Wrench flat body design allowing standard Hex. wrench assembly.
  • Attractive finishes to suit precision equipment.
  • Much less-weight design compared to Class 3000 pipe fittings.
  • Fine pipe thread construction equals or exceeds the requirement of ASME B1.20.1 to ensure maximum thread engagement.
  • Male pipe threads capped for protection from damages.
  • Fitting materials available in SS316, Brass and Carbon Steel.