Ethics Management

Ethics Management

We at ‘DK-Loc Corp.’ will carry out the essential role for the development of the society and economy by creating the value in behalf of the diverse stakeholders such as the customers, the members of the company, shareholders, business partners and others by implementing the anti-bribery system on the basis of the ethical management as the foundation for management of the company.

Basic Ethics of the Members

We will carry out the business duties faithfully with the attitude to represent the company at all times at our own positions with the pride as the members of DK-Lok Corp.

■ We will create the mature organization culture on the basis of the mutual trust and understanding by respecting individual executive officers and employees as independent personality.
■ We will carry out the business duties fairly and transparently by clearly distinguishing between the public and private matters.
■ With the active efforts made for cultivation of the ethical mind of the executive officers and employees, we will provide the systematic support in the long-term perspective to develop our executive officers and employees into the autonomous and creative talent.
■  The members of the company shall protect the trade secrets which came to be known in relation to the business duties and shall refrain from any acts or relationships in conflict with the interests of the members of company.

Attitude Toward the Customers

By the continuous satisfaction of the customers, secure the trust of the customers and ultimately make the growth together with the customers.

■  We make the unremitting efforts with the aim to provide the services needed by the customers.
■  By carefully listening to and respecting the diversified opinions of the customers, we incorporate and reflect them actively in the management activities of the company.
■  We securely protect the property and information of the customers in accordance with the related legislation and the company regulation.

Responsibility Toward the Shareholders

We strive to enhance the corporate value for creation of the value in behalf of the shareholders and, to this end, we improve the transparency along with the efficient management activities carried out.

■ We maximize the corporate value by the efficient management through the continuous innovation.
■ We share the outcomes with the shareholders.
■ While practicing the transparent management centered on the Board of Directors, we respect the rightful demands and suggestions of the shareholders.
■ We disclose the relevant information in accordance with the legislation for protection of the interests of the shareholders.

Relationship with Business Partners

With pursuit of the joint growth with the cooperating companies, we contend with our competitors fairly.

■ With the provision of the opportunities for fair transaction to the cooperating companies, we pursue the mutual benefits and joint growth.
■ We get engaged in the competition in good faith with the competitors on the basis of the spirit of mutual respect.
■ We refuse any request from all stakeholders which may undermine the fairness in relation to the business duties and we do not accept any improper gains.

Roles related to the Society

Along with the contribution to the economic development, we make the contribution to the society by way of the social and cultural activities and we make the best of our efforts for the management behaviors suitable to the social norms.

■ With the active participation in the social contribution activities, we make the efforts for the happiness of the overall society.
■ We comply with all of the relevant legislation and norms in the society.
■ We make the contribution to the growth of the national economy by the continuous creation of jobs and the faithful payment of taxes.

Anti-bribery policy

With accomplishment of the customer satisfaction based on the products of the highest caliber, DK Lok Corp. aims to comply with the followings in order to be the company trusted by our customers as well as all of our stakeholders by carrying out our business duties in a fair and transparent manner while fulfilling our social responsibilities.


We promise not to give or receive any bribes such as the money, hospitality, regalement, convenience, gift or others relative to any stakeholders in any case while refraining from getting involved in any corrupt or illegal acts in discharge of our business duties.


We comply with all of the statutes related to the prevention of bribery, the requirements as per the Anti-bribery Management System and the related internal regulations, instructions and business procedures.


We strive to continuously improve the Anti-bribery Management System by establishing the objectives for prevention of bribery and by actively carrying out the measures for achievement of them with the aim to manage the bribery risks.


As soon as we come to recognize the violations of this policy or the code of conduct or any other corrupt practices, we immediately notify them in accordance with the established procedures and strictly protect the informant from any disadvantages or retaliation in the course of the processing thereof.
The members of the company who fail to comply with the Anti-bribery Policy shall be strictly disciplined in accordance with the related regulation with the result disclosed to the other members of the company.
The management of DK Lok Corp. shall not grudge any support for the efficient implementation of the Anti-bribery Management System.

Representative Director of DK Lok Corp.

Whistle blow

Your precious information helps the practice of the ethical management at the company and can be helpful for further growth of the company. You can report the information or request the counseling regarding the following irregularity or corruption practices or others.

■ The act to pursue the private gains such as the delivery or receipt of money and valuables, regalement, convenience and embezzlement, breach of legislation and others
■ Corruptive practices by the internal/external organization units and individuals, bribery of the business stakeholders
■ Abuse of position/authority and acts in violation of the code of conduct
■ The acts to release the information or human resources of the company
■ The failure to respect the personality among the members of the company, the conflict of interest and the acts for improper discharge of business duties
Counseling : Visit counseling at Code of Ethical Conduct/Audit Department (Strategic Planning Department)
E-mail Address :
Post Address : Strategic Planning Department, 7, Golden root-ro 129beon-gil, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongnam
■ Can report it real-name or anonymously.
■ In case of any falsified reporting, the audit may not be properly conducted and the restrictions may be imposed.
■ The identity of the reporting person will be strictly protected with the appropriate safeguard measures.
■ The report details will not be used for any purposes other than the audit.
■ In regard of the reports for the purpose of spreading the rumors, falsified reporting, libel on others, defamation of others and etc. not based on the clear facts, the investigation will not be conducted in due course.

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