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RCQ Series Receptacle


  • RCQA
  • Designed for CNG refueling of cars.
  • ECE R110
  • Cert No.: E13-110R00-0187-00
  • W.P : 34.1 MPa (341bar) @120°C
  • Operating Temp : -40 to 120°C
  • TUV Cert No.: 2010-CERT-015(00)
  • W.P : 25 MPa (250bar) @15°C
  • Operating Temp : -40 to 121°C
  • RCQB
  • ECE R110
  • Specifically designed for CNG refueling of buses and trucks.
  • Cert No.: E13-110R00-0195-00
  • W.P : 27.3 MPa (273bar) @120°C
  • Operating Temp : -40 to 120°C

Brief Description

  • Designed for permanent mounting on a compressed natural gas vehicle (NGV)
  • RCQA receptacle utilizes the NGV 1 profile which allows complete interchangeability to any fueling nozzles conforming to the NGV 1 standard
  • RCQB is specifically designed for CNG refueling of bus and truck and delivered with integrated particle filter of 50 micron and non-contact check valve.
  • RCQA and RCQB are for fast-fill and time-fill dispensing.
  • Receptacle is constructed out of high strength cold drawn 316 stainless steel bar.
  • Internal check valve provides unidirectional flow to vehicle from dispenser.
  • Self-centering check valve poppet makes sure of positive sealing.
  • Delivered with standard dust protetion cap.